Dorota Kos – a graduate from Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts, academic diploma In sculpture faculty. Lives and creates in Gdańsk.The jewellery is manufactured at the outskirts of the city, by the seaside, where time passes at its own pace. Free of haste, fully concentrated on the act of creation. Each collection is characterized by high quality as all the components are hand-made of precious materials. Uniqueness of style is the effect of artist’s creativity. Eye-catching shapes and well-thought compositions make luxury and sophisticated jewellery. Variety of the offer includes wide range of eclectic compositions. Their beauty lies in simple, geometric forms which creates optimistic and passionate decorative collections. What combines modern minimalistic forms with decorative ones are plants. Plants fascinate the artist, penetrate her thoughts, imagination, philosophy. The texture of jewellery reminds in touch delicate petals and leaves of plants. Contact with them, their look, smell, touch, taste is incredibly sensual and relaxing experience. Sensual shapes are teamed with classic ones. Subtle surfaces remind the touch of petals. Freedom of choice given by the collection diversity. All these factors symbolize the essence of femininity and her romantic aspects of nature.


Individual exhibitions: 
- "Pod Przepiórczego Koszem" Gallery, Legnica (2003)
-Gallery "My Form" Gdańsk (2012)
- "Herbarium" Gallery "My Form" Gdańsk (2016)

The most important collective exhibitions:
"Spirit of Stone" exhibition South Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta, Finland; Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, Germany (2011-2012);

"Design in Poland" exhibition Barcelona, Leipzig, Budapest, Copenhagen, Mumbai, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Helsinki, New Delhi (2006-2011)
- "Silver and Amber Time" exhibition Wuppertal, Legnica, Kazakhstan, Minsk, Gdańsk, Bremen (2008-2010)
- exhibition "Contemporary Goldsmith Art" presented. m.inGetyndze, Gifhorn, Leipzig, Munich, Uelzen, Wuppertal,
Prague, Budapest, Mulhouse, Florence, Dicomano, Uppsala, Västeras, Bratislava and in Jawor, Poznań and Warsaw (2005-2006)
- exhibition "Our Amber" Legnica - Copper Museum, Gdańsk, Warsaw Senate of the Republic of Poland (2009-2010)

Awards and grants:
-Amber Award Amberif Design Awards 2007 (Elektronos)
-Typendium of the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk (2007)

Amber Museum in Gdańsk, private collections;

Dorota Kos was born, lives and works in Gdansk; Education:- Art Secondary School Gdynia-Orlowo, Applied Forms, specialized in metalwork(1989 – 1994);- Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Sculpture Department(1995-2000),graduation work under the direction of Prof. Franciszek Duszenko, specializing in small forms of sculpture;Individual exhibitions:gallery "Moja Forma" Gdańsk, Poland (2012)gallery “Pod Przepiórczym Koszem”, Legnica, Poland(2003)Selected exhibitions:- "Spirit of Stone" Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein, Germany (2012);- "Kleine Kunststück" Gallery Sandhofer, Innsbruck, Austria (2012); - "SPIRIT OF STONE" South Karelia Museum, Lappeenranta, Finland (2011);- "Design in Poland" Barcelona, Palao Moja, Spain (2011);- "Design in Poland" -Design Het Budapest Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest (2011);- "Designed in Poland", Leipzig, Germany (2010);- "Gdańsk World Capital of Amber", "Our Amber" Senate (2010);- Exhibition "Our amber" Warsaw (2010);- The exhibition "Time of silver and amber" Contemporary Theatre in Warsaw, Galeria Open in Sandomierz (2010);- Exhibition "Our amber" - an exhibition STFZ (Legnica-Copper Museum, Gdansk) (2009)- "Gdańsk World Capital of Amber", Bremen, Germany (2009)- " Silver & Amber Time ", Legnica, Poland, Kazakhstan, Minsk, Gdańsk;- "Designed in Poland" Copenhagen, Denmark (2008);- " Silver & Amber Time " Wuppertal, Germany (2008);- "Amberif Design Award", Gdańsk, Poland (2007);- "Coffee and .." - exhibition at the Museum of Amber, Gdańsk, Poland (2007);- "Designed in Poland" in Mumbai, Munich (2007);- "Alatyr" Amber Museum, Kaliningrad, Russia (2007);- Bernsteinmuseum Ribnitz - Damgarten, Germany (2006);- STFZ. "XV - STFZ 1991-2006" Legnica, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow, Leipzig (2006);- Designed in Poland "- an exhibition of Polish design, Berlin, Hamburg, Helsinki, New Delhi (2005-2006);- "Współczesna Sztuka Złotnicza" presented. among others, Göttingen, Gifhorn, Leipzig, Munich, Uelzen, Wuppertal (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Mulhouse (France), Florence, Dicomano (Italy), Uppsala, Västerås (Sweden), Bratislava (Slovakia)and in Jawor, Poznan and Warsaw (Poland);- "Presentations" contest exhibition, Warsaw, Krakow (2004);- Exhibition Young Sculpture Gdansk, ZAR Gallery, Gdansk (2001);Awards and Grants:- Amber Award in the competition Elektronos (2007);- Scholarship Mayor of Gdansk (2007);Collections:- Amber Museum, Gdańsk, Poland;- Private collections;

Since 2002 member of the International Amber Association, 2003-2009 board member of the International Amber Association, 2004-2014 member of Goldsmithing Artist`Association.



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